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For Youtube just type in something and you can search videos.
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This is why GetVideo is so much better than that site:

  • 1: Getvideo works with Youtube and over 350 other websites, social networks and video archives, and more are being confirmed every day
  • 2: Getvideo is free, needs no registration, doesn't do newsletter, has built-in Youtube video search, and works with huge playlists
  • 3: Getvideo is offers many download options and formats, conquers m3u8 files, converts Youtube videos to mp3, and does so much more
  • GetVideo helps download online videos for free

    This is going to be short and simple. GetVideo is online video downloader and converter. With GetVideo it's possible to get the video from many websites and save it to your device for easy access at your convenience. Get video from many websites, over 350 websites.. Number is always changing, increasing, as we test our algorithms with more and more video sites on the net.. Otherwise GetVideo is full of features that are fun to explore: there's indirect Youtube search and large playlists are supported, and of course check out top 20 trending Youtube music videos.. All for the good times. Scratch that! Grrrreat times!!

    Download Youtube videos

    GetVideo knows its way around Youtube, with its numerous video containers and audio formats. You can count on Youtube to mp3 converter as well as mp4, m4a or webm download.

    Download Facebook videos

    With Facebook video downloader online it is easy to save all the good, funny, awesome videos from Facebook, even back up your live streams in multiple formats even as mp3.

    Download Instagram videos

    Instagram is shifting into video and audio more and more, and it's quite easy to spot videos worthy of download, plus all those private accounts & instagram to mp3 as well.

    Download Twitter videos

    Twitter, Periscope, and many sites using their infrastructure hold lots of great podcasts, political & news broadcasts, and just plain C-SPAN recordings - get video from all.

    GetVideo excels as Youtube video converter

    As said before, GetVideo works great with Youtube. Blocked videos? Geo-restrictions? Removed or banned videos? Try to get the video right here, GetVideo got you covered, helping more people get more videos around the world since 2020. lmao.. But definitely check out custom features designed to make downloading Youtube videos much easier. For example, you can search Youtube videos directly from the input box above. GetVideo will help with suggestiong of tags trending in your area. Then there's top 20 most popular music videos on Youtube, also more or less relative to your country. And of course large Youtube playlist download becomes easy with GetVideo's nearly patented 1 by 1 video download from huge playlists. All that plus there's a super awesome app and a shortcut for browsers below - what other features do you need to accept GetVideo as your 1 stop for all video download needs? Well? We seriously asking and want to know. There's email on the bottom, please, send your wishes and suggestions..

    Free GetVideo web app

    Add to Home Screen

    Click on this button to install GetVideo as web app on your Android smartphone or Windows laptop. Probably won't work for Apple devices, and doesn't really like Firefox. But Chrome users, Opera lovers, Edge & many other browser included will offer to install this app and it's really cool, it's truy awesome, try it out. The app needs no updates and wll never ask to download anything, well, it will offer to download video and audio you asked for, but nothing besides that. It will always be up to date, have fresh trending Youtube music lists and search tags, it's definitely a great choice for those who likes to download video on the go.

    Bookmarklet a.k.a. shortcut

    Download Mp4

    Browser shortcuts are like bookmarks, only they usually do slightly more than send you to the website bookmarked. For example, GetVideo bookmarklet will send you getvideo.club website with currently open page URL attached and processed for video links. To make it work, simply drag and drop this button above to your browser's bookmarks, and head over to Youtube, open some video, start watching it, and hit the bookmark. Then you'll know what is what.. Explaining this can be misleading.. To make long story short, this here action allows you to skip URL copy-paste and call upon video download with a single click.